Tax advice for you and your company

Tax planning and management is nowadays a vital element of business, and quite often it determines whether or not a project is profitable. This is where KMDP can offer its professional assistance and advice.

In 2022 we advised in more than 40 M&A transactions. The transactions reffered mostly to medical industry as well as to real estate, infrastructure and energy sector – Szymon Kołecki, Partner at KMDP


About Us

We place substantial emphasis on professional customer service through close cooperation, individual approach tailored to your needs, and thorough understanding of business.

  • a competent team of specialists in Polish and international tax regulations,
  • Bezpośrednie zaangażowanie rozumiejących sens biznesu Klienta partnerów oraz doświadczonych konsultantów w realizację zleceń.
  • thorough knowledge of numerous lines of business and companies, which enables us to offer innovative solutions.
  • our recommendations are preceded by in-depth analysis of recent decisions of taxation authorities and applicable case law.


Szymon Kołecki

  • Partner in a tax consultancy firm,
  • Over 18 years of professional experience in tax consultancy firms, including 5 years at E&Y and KPMG, of which 3 years as a manager.
  • Licensed tax advisor since 2005.
  • Graduate of the Poznań University of Economics (Akademia Ekonomiczna w Poznaniu).
  • During his professional career he has mainly dealt with transaction services as well as optimisation of corporate and personal income taxes, real estate tax and civil law transaction tax (PCC). His work on transaction issues (due diligence investigations) has allowed him to translate his knowledge into tangible benefits for businesses and companies and their ultimate market value.
  • Participated in over 100 due diligence investigations.
  • Apart from due diligence investigations he provided advice on in-kind contributions of enterprises, mergers, divisions and refinancing. He has carried out a significant number of tax audits.
  • His personal clients included such companies and capital groups as: Polfa, Ozone Group, PZU, KGHM, Dialog, Fortum, Sando, Rodamco, Grupa Helical, Hortex, PKE, Polpharma, Fortum, Zbyszko, Ekolan, Grupa Concept Development, Trust, Fagor, Cinema City, Police, Wavin, Bolsius and many others.

Magdalena Pietruszka

  • Manager in a tax consultancy firm.
  • 8 years of professional experience, cooperation with the founders since 2011. She developed her interest in taxes while studying at the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH). Having selected economic analysis of law as her major field of study, she later specialised in tax advisory services.
  • Licensed Tax Advisor since 2015.
  • Graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics with M.A. thesis on the effectiveness of tax law regulations.
  • During her professional career she has mainly dealt with VAT, including that in the field of real; estate, tax proceedings, due diligence investigations as well as tax audits. She was a part of numerous and diverse projects involving domestic and foreign clients.
  • Her personal clients included: 3M, Bahlsen, Reckitt Benckiser, PZU, Polfa, TR Fastenings, BCM Kosmetik GmbH, Agnella, Danisco, Jones Lang LaSalle, Ronson, Miran Wafel, Travelist, Sprintair, April, WKG.

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Klaudyna Matusiak-Frey

  • Tax consultant.
  • Graduated with an M.A. degree from the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH), where she studied finance and accounting. During the course of her studies she pursued her interest in taxes by majoring in this area, as well as participating in numerous tax related workshops and trainings.
  • Over 2.5 years of professional experience.
  • Since 2017 with KMDP.
  • In her professional career thus far she has mainly supported the team in the area of consulting on tax proceedings and VAT Compliance.
  • She has participated in due diligence investigations and tax audits, as well as in other various projects involving domestic and foreign clients.


  • Experienced tax consultant.
  • 5 years of professional experience, cooperation with the founders of KMDP since 2014. Currently working of tax advisor’s licence.
  • Graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) with an M.A. degree in Finance and Accounting (thesis on the role of transfer pricing documentation in tax compliance strategy).
  • During the course of his studies he pursued his interest in taxes by majoring in tax advisory services and participating in numerous tax related workshops and trainings.
  • In his professional career thus far, he has largely dealt with the issue of transfer pricing and prepared documentation for dozens of domestic companies (including members of international capital groups) operating is such sectors and industries as real estate, food, medicine etc.
  • Also participated in due diligence investigations and tax proceedings as well as various projects involving domestic and foreign clients (especially in the area of CIT).

Michał Maciejewski

  • Tax consultant.
  • Graduate of the Faculty of Economics of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW).
  • 4 years of experience in the application of tax law. He began his professional career at a Tax Proceedings Department of a Warsaw Revenue Office, where he dealt with property taxes.
  • In his professional career thus far he has worked on tax-planning schemes (MDR) analysis (including support with reporting obligations), preparation of transfer pricing documentation for companies operating in various sectors (finance, manufacturing, clothing, logistic). He has also participated in due diligence investigations and preparation of CIT and WHT tax assessments.
  • He has also worked on the implementation of R&D tax relief and participated in pre-implementation analysis and selection of optimum R&D and IP BOX tax relief application for IT companies.